Asteroids Clone

This is a little Asteroids clone written in C# using XNA.  It’s nothing too fancy, but there are a few nice features.  First, everything (other than the font) is dynamically generated using vectors.  This is a pretty big departure from most of the Asteroids remakes out there, since they use sprites for the ship and the asteroids.  This allows for more variety in the asteroids (As is evidenced by my “boss fights”.  Every couple levels, you fight boss asteroids that are larger than usual and explode into a number of smaller asteroids.)  There’s also some bloom effects in there, most notably on the ship.  I just thought it looked boring without it.

The splash screen for this Asteroids clone

This is my ridiculously crappy splash screen, but it does show off the capabilities of the vector drawing.  Also, the manatee explodes at the end, and that’s pretty cool~

A screenshot of the action

This is an in-game shot.  There’s not a lot to it, but you can see the explosion effects on the asteroids as well as the bloom on the ship.

The game is downloadable here, and the source is available here. The controls are Left and Right Arrow to turn, Up Arrow to accelerate, Space to fire and Ctrl to warp. This will require the XNA Redistributable, if you don’t have it.

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