3D Random Terrain Generator

This is a 3D random terrain generator I made recently using XNA and C#.  With a little help from some tutorials, I’ve got it working pretty nicely.  There’s not much meat to it yet, although it does allow you to walk along the terrain in a first person view.  I could see it being a starting point in creating some sort of FPS.

You can’t tell from the screenshot, but it has moving water and clouds.

The perlin noise algorithm can be tweaked to provide either the slightly rocky terrain from the first screenshot or more rolling hills, as is demonstrated by this screenshot.  Unfortunately, that’s about as far as it can go, for right now.  I do intend to continue working on this in the future though, so hopefully I can make the random generation more robust.

The game is downloadable here, and the source is available here. The controls are Arrow keys or WASD to move and PgUp/PgDown to adjust camera angle.  This will require the XNA Redistributable, if you don’t have it.

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