Pixel Rotate

Another quick thing I whipped up in my free time.  This is a little minimalist platformer along the lines of And Yet It Moves.  You rotate the world to get around obstacles and enemies.  Once again, this is a Java applet.

Since I’m not much of a level designer or anything, I made a little level editor to go along with this.  You design your level (in a Paint sort of way), then press Save, and it outputs a base 64 string.  You can then copy and paste that into the game to play your level.  This allows for easy sharing and saving of levels.

There are still some issues:

  • The aerial enemy isn’t working quite right.  I guess the line of sight code is off, because sometimes it will see you, and then some times it will freak out and fly around randomly again, even if you’re directly next to it.
  • The painting in the level editor doesn’t track very well.

The game is playable here, and the source is available here.

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