This is another little Java applet/game I’ve been working on in my spare time (what I have of it nowadays).  It’s a really basic prototype for a bullet hell shooter.

It’s somewhat based off of a similar concept as Ikaruga (polarity switching), but it works in a different way.  Basically, what you have the ability to do is switch the color of the background, and objects (enemies and bullets) that are the same color as the background don’t have any effect on you.  So, if you’re facing a large wave of black bullets, you would switch the background to black, and you can just ignore them.

Like I mentioned earlier, this is really basic at this point, it needs a lot more polish to be done.  I’m just putting this up here as a rough draft and proof of concept.

Things that need to be modified:

  • Graphics look terrible.  I’m usually a fan of vector graphics, but this just doesn’t look too impressive.
  • Implement multiple lives
  • Implement score
  • Implement HP (player will have two HP bars (black and white).  As you spend time with the background a certain color, your HP for that color will slowly degrade, and the opposite color HP will regenerate. It sort of forces the player to use the polarity switching mechanism.
  • Add line segment collision
  • Bullet patterns are terrible and rudimentary (use BulletML?)
  • Figure out how to get the custom font to work in the applet
  • Code needs to be commented

One thing I’m really happy about is how the background turned out.  It’s really simple, but I could stare at that all day long.

Monochrome is playable here, and the source is available here.  In game, move the mouse to move the ship and press the space bar to switch polarity.

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